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At Evergreen we understand that making a decision to move into an assisted living can be emotionally and financially taxing. We are on a mission to provide the greatest quality care at an affordable price. We intend to remain an asset for the Greater Burbank Community.

Veteran Benefits

If you are a US veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran, first of all we salute you, second, you may be eligible to receive a federal monthly pension—up to $1,800 per month – to help pay for personal care such as assisted living. Veterans Benefits can also help pay for things like, medications, transportation and more. At Evergreen, we have a dedicated person who can help you apply and walk you through the entire process.

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Assisted Living Waiver (ALW)

The ALW program, established in 2009, is designed for individuals who are enrolled in Medi-Cal and wish to reside in an assisted living facility as opposed to a nursing home. Residents are required to pay the SSI rate for board and care and Medi-Cal pays for the rest. We are currently accepting all residents that have applied and been approved to the ALW program.

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Life Care Funding

Instead of lapsing or surrendering life insurance – a policy can be converted into an irrevocable Bene­fit Account that makes monthly, payments on behalf of the individual receiving Senior Care. There are no wait periods; no care restrictions; no costs or obligations to apply; it is not a loan; and there is no need for premium payments. The Life Care Bene­fit is flexible and can be adjusted to meet changes in Senior Care needs.

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Tax Exempt

Tax exemptions may be available to resident and to families caring for them to help cover the costs of assisted living. Please check with your tax accountant.