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Music Therapy Uses At Assisted Living Facilities To Improve Cognition

by Evergreen Retirement


First of all, music therapy comes in many structures. In basic terms, it is the utilization of music as a method to positively affect the physical, psychological, or enthusiastic prosperity of somebody experiencing any of a wide variety of ailments and illnesses. It is viewed as an “expressive treatment” and can incorporate anything from highly focused requiring more concentration, to a more expanded melodic presentation. The advantages of music treatment for individuals with dementia are like those accomplished for patients influenced by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, psychological impairments, and other brain centered diagnoses.

Music assumes a significant part in our lives, everything being equal, producing associations with vital occasions and affectionate recollections. Research studies have discovered that music can improve the productivity of individuals along with lowering stress. For senior residents in the assisted living facilities, satisfying melodies can convey much more advantages for physical and psychological well-being, memory, and pleasant and positive social associations.



Music can induce the sensations of prosperity by evoking memories and feelings. Seniors who experience difficulty recalling late occasions might discover some meanings in the tunes that bring back older memories therefore it helps stimulate the brain and cognition function of the senior residents. For some residents in assisted living centers, music gives benefits, including decreasing feelings of  boredom and loneliness without the utilization of pharmaceutical interventions. It further developed the capacity to recall ongoing occasions, positive changes in temperament, and an expanded self-appreciation.

Paying attention to music is a complex interaction for the cerebrum since it stimulates the cognitive and emotional components of the brain. Research studies on the brain have shown that music therapy stimulates the auditory areas of the brain related to attention, memory, and motor functions. Music has a recorded impact on reducing anxiety, depression, and physical pain in residents with dementia. Certain neuropsychological investigations determined that music may help improve psychological capacities, like cognition, learning, task management, and memory in those with memory loss and dementia. Music therapy helps improve motor and speech functions in addition to the development of comprehension and language for seniors having a hard time communicating.  


Music therapy has been indicated to improve the cognitive skills of the residents in the form of boosting memories, better communication skills, thinking, listening, learning, and social behavior. Some selective advantages may constitute:

  • Improve Memory and Focus : In the assisted living facilities, specified music therapy is used which contains memorizing words, rhythms, tunes, and tracks. This helps recall the memories or get them back to the world of imagination thereby stimulation their brain and improving memory loss.  
  • Enhance Cognition: One of the major benefits of music therapy for Alzheimer’s residents is that it evokes memories and elicits behavioral responses. It is indicated that when seniors listen to the past music they used to enjoy as teenagers, their declining memories improve. 
  • Improve Social Skills:   Music therapy helps improve the social skills of the residents in a group when they listen to music together. It has been shown to elicit positive behavior which helps maintain sustained communication and socialization. 
  • Calms anxiety and agitation: Anxiety and agitation, at times extreme in nature, is evident more often when the individual is confused due to their diagnoses. Those afflicted with dementia or other illnesses of the brain, don’t understand what they are doing when they become agitated. And, when they realize they are having difficulty recalling memories, remembering words, and managing tasks, they get frustrated and angry. Music therapy helps calm the anxiety, agitation and potential aggression associated with dementia. It relieves the pressure their minds may be experiencing and helps them to relax. 
  • Reduce stress and depression: Emotional stress, anxiety, and depression affect senior residents with dementia and memory loss. Music therapy has a calming and soothing effect on these symptoms, as well.
  • Enhance Communication skills: Difficulty communicating may occur in senior residents. Music therapy helps them recall the words or thoughts, which in turn helps improve the way they express and speak with friends, family and peers in assisted living facilities. 


Assisted living helps the residents with cognitive impairments, memory loss, and dementia with music therapy along with pharmacological therapy. Music therapy is very effective, less burdensome on the pocket, and easy to implement. Following music therapy exercises helps the residents with the cognitive decline:

  • Playing familiar music and encouraging seniors to tap or shake a musical instrument like bells or a tambourine helps them to express their cognitive learning and performing skills.
  • Using a drum to create a strong beat helps residents to follow the beat and create their own rhythms. 
  • Having an occasional sing-a-long with lyrics in large print on a big screen helps with socialization and memory recall.

We invite you to see firsthand the many methods and modalities we implement here at Evergreen retire assisted living Los Angeles to maintain a vibrant environment for our residents. Call Evergreen assisted living now to speak to one of our caring and knowledgeable representatives and arrange a personalized tour of our beautiful grounds and assisted living quarters. We are confident we can offer the best personalized care for you or someone you love. Take care, and be well.



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