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Senior Living: The Role of Robots in Elder Care

by Evergreen Retirement

For most people, robots have always lived in the world of science fiction. But as technology improves, robotics are becoming more and more commonplace, in the form of robotic vacuums, toys, and self-driving cars. It’s clear that artificial intelligence (AI) has more to offer than entertainment – but does it have a place in elder care?

As a senior living community in Burbank, Evergreen Retirement stays up to date on the latest research and developments in elder care. In this article, we explore three potential benefits of robotics and artificial intelligence in the field of senior care..

Senior Living: The Role of Robots in Elder Care

Remote Monitoring

For those who can’t have a live-in nurse, robotics can provide an especially valuable service. Round-the-clock monitoring is important for seniors with memory loss – especially those who live alone. Robots can also monitor for more subtle issues, such as frequent bathroom trips, insomnia, and unusual behaviors that could indicate a problem or potential risk. Remote monitoring technologies allow family members to monitor every aspect of a home, including doors being opened and lights left on.


One of the earliest examples of robotics being used in senior care is robotic companions. Robotic pets, such as PARO the robotic seal, can play an important role in memory care, providing many of the benefits of live animal companions in a more dementia-friendly way.

But robotic pets aren’t the only companions available to seniors. A robotics company from Israel recently created a robot called ElliQ for seniors who live alone. Robots like ElliQ can make conversation, provide medication reminders, lead fitness lessons, and help isolated seniors connect with loved ones through social media.

Medication Reminders

Forgetting to take medication is a common – and potentially dangerous – problem for older adults, particularly those with memory loss. Fortunately, technology provides a way to remind seniors to take medications, whether it’s through a robotic companion, like ElliQ, or smartphone app.


Companionship, monitoring, and medication reminders are just a few examples of how robotics can enhance the senior experience; they can also help with mobility, household tasks, and more. And while robots certainly can’t replace human caregiving, it’s clear that they have a great deal to offer. As technologies continue to improve and the older adult population grows, it’s likely that robots will fill a valuable role in senior homes and communities across the world.

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